Join Us!  The “Be A Mensch” organization is proud to work with many partners who share our goals. But we need you too! Send us your ideas and where you think we can help, and please do support our programs- thank you!

In Israel:
– NIS checks can be made out to “Be A Mensch”
– For a Tax deductible donation, NIS checks can be made out to “Dorshai Tzion”

Please mail to:

Be A Mensch
P.O.B. 43272
Har Nof, Jerusalem


Please make check out ” CONGREGATION TIFERES YAAKOV” (tax ID  20-1727243)

Please mail check to:
Mrs. Esther Silberberg
Attention: Mensch Foundation
1084 east 28 Street Brooklyn New York 11210

If you have any questions, please write to us at

How You Can Help

Be A Mensch needs you, please support our programs!

Tell Us!
In your words, a Mensch is…

We’ve asked lots of people what they think a mensch is – and they told us. Now we want to hear from you! Tell us: It can be a person, a thought, an idea or a few words. Whatever it means to you.

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