Mensch of the Year Award

Be a Mensch foundation launches with the largest Jewish social network  in the world, a contest to select the “Mensch host and Guest of the Year”


Mr. Neal Hoffman- Chosen by the
Mensch Foundation as the
International Mensch of the Year 2014

Tel Aviv, December 15, 2014- The Mensch Foundation is proud to announce the selection of Mr. Neal Hoffman as the International Mensch of the Year 2014.

The selection is based on the fact that Neal developed and marketed the successful THE MENSCH ON A BENCH doll and accompanying book which introduces children in North America and elsewhere  the story and traditions of Hanukkah, while emphasizing the fine characteristics of a Mensch – a good and honorable person.

Neal activities of promoting Mensch values in the US & worldwide manifests the mission of the Mensch Foundation of promoting the values of contributing to the well-being of the fellow man and the community, respect and honor In order to create a better world.

About The Mensch Foundation

The Mensch Foundation, is dedicated to bringing Israeli society and worldwide the positive values that are the key to personal and societal success; respect, honor, giving to the community and tolerance.. The Mensch Foundation works towards a responsible, just, considerate, and integrity-driven society, collaborating with Israeli and worldwide partners across the social, political and religious spectrum in a variety of programs.

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About Neal Hoffman

Fformer toy marketing executive turned entrepreneur, Neal Hoffman, has created and developed successful  MENSCH ON A BENCH educational doll which is sold at retailers such as: Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Michaels, Barnes & Noble, Toys”R”Us, His vison is to promote to children worldwide  Mensch values of  Honor , respect and care for the fellow man.

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