Uri Orbach z”l – a Mensch

The “Be a Mensch” Organization has produced this video clip about Uri Orbach to commemorate his legacy of being a Mensch, who advanced the unity of Am Israel through his love of every Jew, regardless of his political and religious affiliation.

In this video, public figures and people from all political parties and religious affiliations such as; Member of Knesset Sheli Yechmovich, Knesset Speaker-Yuli Edelstein, media personality, Avri Gilad, The Chief Editor of” Family ””Mishpacha” magazine, Moshe Grilok, Member of Knesset- Ilan Gilad, and the Dean of “Shariei Mishpat” college, all praise  Uri Orbach for expressing the values of being a Mensch- caring and loving the other person.

The “Be a Mensch” Organization believes that when people behave like  a Mensch — with honesty, integrity, consideration and respect towards the others, they themselves prosper as the Israeli society does at large. By spreading mensch-like behavior we can make  Israeli society united,stronger and more successful. We therefore chose to commemorate the Legacy of Uri Orbach, may his soul rest in peace, with this video.