Why Be a Mensch?

Being a mensch adds years to your life and joy to your days. It is the key to success in health, love, relationships, at work, at home, and in life. Mensches are happy, content, prosperous and well liked. Best of all, being a mensch is contagious! Just watch and see the changes you make in yourself and those around you just by being honest, courteous and considerate.

We at Be A Mensch are dedicated to healing the rifts in Israeli society- one mensch at a time.

Public Service Announcements

As part of of our campaign to improve Israeli society, we are creating public service announcements to be aired on TV, throughout social media, on blogs, websites etc.

The initial series is dedicated to what we believe is the first aspect of being a mensch; treating everyone …

Healing Bet Shemesh

In partnership with the Jewish Agency For Israel’s Partnership 2Gether program, and in response to real and increasing tensions between factions of society in Bet Shemesh, Be A Mensch is hosting and facilitating meetings between Charedi, National Religious, Traditional and Secular Israelis to discuss the importance of …

“Be a Mensch” Book

Moshe Kaplan, MD brought together the best and brightest for his book, Be A Mensch. Natan Sharansky, Howard Jonas, Professor Robert Aumann, Sara Rigler, and many more modern thinkers wrote their thoughts on being a good person and why it’s important in business, wealth, health, happiness, …

Dialogue on the Kibbutzim

This program was created to combat the destructive rift between religious and secular Israelis and to break down mistaken stereotypes. Specifically our goal is to create mutual respect between the disparate members of the 270 secular kibbutzim in Israel and the Torah observant community.

So far, 10 …

Mensch “Corporation of the Year”

Tel Aviv, August 29th, 2013. The Mensch Foundation is proud to announce the selection of Webydo as the Mensch "Corporation of the year".
The selection is based on Webydo’s outstanding corporate leadership that integrates tolerance, mutual respect and integrity, while bridging cultural barriers and empowering minorities. Webydo’s leadership …

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Management of the organization:

Moshe Kaplan M.D. Chariman

Yossi Shuchmacher Chief Operating Officer

For information and to contact us:

8 King David Street, Yehoram Cohen Lawyer, Jerusalem P.O. Box 43272

Email: info@beamensch.com


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