“I would like to voice my support for your initiative to increase the awareness for Mensch values and your deep commitment for the Unity of Am Israel.

I know Dr. Moshe Kaplan very well and his relentless activity as the chairman of Mensch Foundation and I also agreed to write a chapter in his book,” Be a Mensch” which was published in 2009”


Nathan Sharansky
The Jewish agency
November 2014


“Your values are my values and your wish to make a change is also mine” Dan_Shechtman_160x240

Professor Dan Shechtman
Nobel Laureate

Aaron_Ciechanover_03_160x240“The enemies around us will never defeat us. If we shall be defeated it will be by ourselves-in strife, hate among different groups, inability to listen and discuss in a civilized manner and misunderstanding of the meaning and purpose of our life here.  I hope Be a Mensch can build a bridge over these stormy waters”

Professor Aaron Ciechanover
Nobel Laureate

israel-robert-aumann_160x240“Game Theory proves that good character builds stable positive relationships”
Professor Robert Aumann
Nobel Laureate

Philip_Marcus_01_160x240“Very impressive. Your work emphasizes the responsibilities of each person to his fellow person, and the end of selfishness, as being essential to improving society.”
Philip Marcus
Judge (Retired) of the Jerusalem Family Court

“As someone who is dedicating my life to bringing Jewish values to children in a Neal_Hoffman-Mensch_on_a_bench-240x160fun and unique way, it is wonderful to partner with the Be A Mensch foundation who are trying to accomplish the same goals.  I am humbled to be considered for the Mensch of the Year award and will do everything I can to promote Mensch values across the world.”
Neal Hoffman
creator of the Mensch-on-the-Bench educational doll

Shmulik_Grizim_03_160x240“Your commitment to strengthening the Israeli society is commendable”
Shmulik Grizim
CEO of Webydo Corp

Adam_Grant_02_160x240“I love the philosophy of the Be A Mensch Organization.  Your perspective aligns beautifully with the book that I published last year, Give and Take, on why helping others drives our success.”
Professor Adam M. Grant, Ph.D.
Wharton professor and author of GIVE AND TAKE

Michael_Oren_01_160x240“National coherence is essential for Israel’s stability, prosperity, and perhaps even for its survival. Be A Mensch helps assure that Israeli society remains not only tolerant but resilient as we face future challenges.”
Professor Michael Oren
Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States

I applaud and endorse the BeAMensch Foundation for establishing an organization to widely communicate the values of Bill_HarveyMenschdom to the world. Both Jews and Non-Jews turn out to very much appreciate the idea of Menschness once it is explained to them. Even Jews that do not make other observances find that Being A Mensch stands out as making good sense to them. As a core idea of Judaism that resonates in any secular age the idea of Being A Mensch deserves special emphasis in the world’s spiritual education.

 Bill Harvey
Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor
TRA, Inc. (TiVo Research and Analytics)
New York, USA


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