“Be a Mensch” Book

Moshe Kaplan, MD brought together the best and brightest for his book, Be A Mensch. Natan Sharansky, Howard Jonas, Professor Robert Aumann, Sara Rigler, and many more modern thinkers wrote their thoughts on being a good person and why it’s important in business, wealth, health, happiness, success, family, and every aspect of life.

A hit in English, Yediot Achronot is now publishing the Hebrew version. “We are willing to be part of this project with all our logistic and marketing knowledge and expertise because we believe the writers and ideas (in this book) are worth being widely spread out”. Yediot Achronot

There will be a book launch event to raise awareness and unveil the next stage of the campaign where investors can take part and be recognized. Books will be distributed across the country and throughout high schools with the help of Tal Brody’s Goodwill Ambassador program.

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