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OurCrowd and CEO Jonathan Medved Awarded “Organization of the Year” by the Be a Mensch Foundation

Jerusalem, April 4, 2017The Be a Mensch Foundation is proud to announce the selection of OurCrowd and its CEO Jonathan Medved as the Be a Mensch “Organization of the Year.”

The decision is based on OurCrowd’s dedication to invest in Israel’s greatest asset, its people.

Israel has become synonymous with startup technologies that change industries and improve people’s lives throughout the world. This is largely due to the tireless efforts of entrepreneurs such as Medved, who has spearheaded OurCrowd to become one of the single largest investors in the Israeli tech ecosystem.

To date, OurCrowd has raised over $400M in 110+ companies, 70% of them Israeli.

In June 2013, OurCrowd became the first fund to require its Israeli companies to commit equity to a charitable cause, demonstrating its commitment to the nonprofit world in a notable way.

“OurCrowd’s organizational leadership and practical application manifest the mission of the Be a Mensch Foundation, and make our efforts easier by the incorporation of positive values along with their investment goals,” says Moshe Kaplan, M.D, CEO of the Mensch Foundation


“I am honored to receive this award,” says OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved. “I believe in what the Be a Mensch Foundation teaches: tolerance, respect, integrity, consideration, and human dignity as life goals. Their programs are committed to helping heal any rifts in Israeli society so that Israel can be a technologically as well as socially advanced population.”

About Be A Mensch: The “Be A Mensch” organization is dedicated to bringing Israeli society together and infusing it with the positive values that are the key to personal and societal success. The “Be A Mensch” organization works towards a responsible, just, considerate, and integrity driven society, collaborating with partners across the social, political and religious spectrum in a variety of programs.

The Mensch Foundation dialogue program is based on the book “Be a Mensch-Why Good Character is the Key to a Life of Health, Happiness, Wealth and Love” (Gefen Press)

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Moshe Kaplan, M.D, CEO of the Mensch Foundation


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