Self Evaluation Questionnaire


Even though being a "mensch" cannot be definitively quantified, we are posing questions to serve as a guideline for readers to evaluate themselves and measure where they stand in being a "mensch".  They can evaluate where they are now in their character traits development and measure them again after they have been exposed to our national Campaign to upgrade basic values, or after they have done work on themselves to see how they feel they have improved.  The ratings are certainly subjective and not an objective measurement, but can help direct you on a personal level.  You may wish to review these questions with a close friend to give it a bit more objectivity and as a starting point for discussion of the issues.


You should not be overly critical or focus only on your faults.  The very fact that you want to improve should encourage you to see yourself in a positive manner.  The most important thing is that you should be working on improving yourself and as a result the whole of society will also improve.


This questionnaire is meant for personal use and not for academic use. We hope to continue to develop this in the future and you are invited to follow the development and give us feedback on our web site at:



For each trait, grade yourself on a scale of 1 to 5


1 = never or seldom        3 = Neutral – from time to time                  5 = frequently or always

1) Do you speak and treat all people with respect?

2) Do you make an EXTRA effort to talk calmly and respectfully even in pressure situations (you can grade each group individually)?

– Service providers (the waitress, agent or the bank teller) [changed order]

– employees

– co-workers

-service providers-waitress, bank teller, post office worker 

-family members 

3) Do you try to see good aspects in each person?

4)  Do you try to ignore external appearances, and try to see the "person" inside?

5) Can you "respect in your heart" and treat respectfully, even those with whom you do not agree, to the point of living together in peace? 

6) Do you appreciate that "diversity is actually a blessing"?

7) Do you strive to deal in integrity and be honest in your business dealings?

8) Do you strive to "keep your word"?

9) Do you reflect on the purpose and goals of life?

10) Do you make moral and ethical choices in defiance of strong bodily desires?

Are you honest in business? Do you obey the law when driving or as a pedestrian? Do you postpone, control and/or limit indulgence in activities with negative consequences for your health or moral well being such as anger, or activities that could affect your interpersonal relationships such as  excessive use recreational drugs, smoking, gambling or watching degenerate material on the internet?

 If you have a strong desire for something, do you consider the consequences of satisfying your desire?

11) Do you forgive others?

Have you removed resentment toward other people who provoked you (you can rate each group separately)?

– Co-workers

– Boss, supervisor

– friends

– family members 

12) Do you delay gratification?

Can you postpone things for which you have a strong desire or must you satisfy your desires immediately?

Do you think of advancing yourself spiritually?

13) Do you search for truth?

Are you honest with yourself? Are you honest with others? Do you look behind superficial assertions for true meanings?

14) “I care about the unity of Am Israel”.

1 – Strongly disagree      3 – Neutral       5 – Strongly agree

15) I worry that the current arguments between religious and secular Jews in Israeli society may weaken us internally.

1 – Strongly disagree      3 – Neutral       5 – Strongly agree

16) I am willing to participate in dialog and  communicate with Jews across the political and religious spectrum to  develop a common ground for unity?  Yes,no or maybe


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