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A Mensch is many things and one simple thing.  A mensch does what is right because it is right; towards family,  towards strangers, at home and in public.  When people behave with honesty, integrity, consideration and respect, they themselves prosper as does society at large. By spreading mensch- like behavior we can make our society happier, healthier and more successful.

A Mensch is considerate of others-

* as a driver

* as a customer

* as a neighbor

A Mensch does the right thing-

* guided by honesty

* with integrity

* regardless of who knows about it

A Mensch knows actions have consequences-

* Obeys Laws

* Drives Safely

* Keeps control of his temper

A Mensch treats everyone with respect

* knows everyone is an individual

* doesn't judge by appearances

* works to understand the other

A Mensch respects our resources

* knows our streets aren't ashtrays

* cleans up after themselves

* conserves, reuses and recycles

A Mensch has courage

* to do the right thing

* to stand up for whats right

* to admit when s/he is wrong

Webydo Chosen by The Mensch Foundation as the Mensch Corporation of The Year


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